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Building careers in IT-development & testing

Are you ambitious and would you like to grow as an IT Development & Testing professional at Spilberg? We will find you the best match, based on your personality, skills and preferences.


Our focus is on the following areas of expertise:

  • Mobile development

    Mobile development

    ​Mobile development is a highly competitive field. Successful staffing takes a personal approach.

  • .NET/C#


    ​As a specialised .NET/C# programmer, you have many career opportunities, including building web applications and mobile apps.

  • Front-end/Web development

    Front-end/Web development

    ​As a specialised front-end developer, you’ve got a passion for design, programming and implementation.

  • Embedded & Hardware Development

    Embedded & Hardware Development

    ​Embedded & hardware development professionals work in

  • Java/Scala Development

    Java/Scala Development

    ​At Spilberg, we understand how important specialisation is for developers.

Our Services

Are you looking for a permanent position, or would you prefer to work on a temporary project? Spilberg offers several different types of employment. Choose the set-up that suits you best!

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Choose staffing

If you are looking for a permanent position, choose permanent staffing. Our strong and long-lasting relations with our network of clients will help us to find you a great permanent match.

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Choose interim

If you are looking for a temporary assignment, choose our interim service. Within our strong network of clients, we will be able to easily find you a great match.

Find what suits you

If you are looking for a temporary assignment or permanent job in IT Development and Testing, Spilberg will find it for you. Whether you want to work at an organisation with an appealing name, or specifically a company at the forefront of IT Development and Testing. We have a large network of employers - from startups to leading multinationals. We will easily find you the best match based on your wishes, skills and personality!

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Insights and events

Digital revolution starts with ambitious minds

Read all about the latest trends, developments and events in your field.

Detachtering Spilberg Be

Spilberg places 10,000th IT professional for Vibe Group

​Since 2011, Vibe Group has been successful in placing thousands of IT professionals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This is done in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This ...

Bovib Sb

Spilberg obtains Bovib certification

Last month, Vibe Group, parent company ofSpilberg, received the Bovib quality mark. With this quality mark, we can distinguish ourselves e...

Rotterdam Spilberg

Vibe Group opens new office in Rotterdam

​Vibe Group, parent company of Spilberg is taking the next step into the Dutch IT staffing and consulting market, opening an office on 11 April 2023, in the FIRST building on the ...

Spilberg Overview 2022 Java Developer

Spilberg in 2022, how was our year?

​2022 has come to an end. And what a year it has been for Spilberg! Full of pride, we look back on what has been and look forward to what is to come. 

Spilberg Java 17 Website

The best features of Java 17 for developers

​In September 2021, Oracle launched version 17 of Java. For those who are counting: that is 6 new versions in less than 3 years. You almost start to wonder whether there is still news with...

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We have launched a new brand identity

​Being part of Vibe Group, we are proud to have launched a new brand identity. Stronger than ever, this new identity reflects our commitment to lead in IT Development and Testing. And to create ...

End To End Testen Blog Spilberg De

​End-to-end testing of a real-time chat application with Cypress

​Cypress, many experts believe, takes much of the pain out of testing. Gleb Bahmutov, a JavaScript ninja who helped develop Cypress in his previous job, gave a webinar on end-to-end testi...

Machine Vision Blog Spilberg De

​Machine vision: how neural networks are getting better at understanding images

​In our webinar ‘Machine vision: learning increasingly complex real-world scenarios with limited annotated data’, computer vision expert John Beuving explained how neural networks base...

Machine Vision Trends Blog Spilberg De

Machine vision – learning from an expert

​Since 2014, machine vision has received a huge boost: neural networks understand images and videos better than ever, allowing countless (new) applications to become viable. John Beuvin...

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Vektorbasierte Suche - eine praktische Einführung für KI-Begeisterte

​Search has continued to gain in importance (and speed): AI and machine learning have opened up a variety of new possibilities and, at least since LLMs like ChatGPT, have also turned the way we ...