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Reactive programming and Angula projects at Malmberg via Spilberg
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Continuous learning

At the end of 2019, Rob van Maris was looking for a project where he could apply his experience while also continuing to learn more about reactive programming and Angular. Spilberg connected Rob with a project at Malmberg, a company that specialises in developing educational methods for people of all ages.

The job

Rob couldn’t be happier with his project. ‘I'm working with a team on a platform that provides fully digital education for primary school-level kids. Last year, we migrated all the content from an older Flash-based product that had become end-of-life. So, we had to transfer all the teaching methods from that older environment into the new system.’

Rob says that the challenge was in the timeline. He started at Malmberg in January 2020, and the new project needed to be finished by August. ‘In the end, we got everything finished in time for the start of the new school year.’ Rob’s experience as a full stack manager was a big benefit to him at Malmberg. ‘I was working with Java for the back end and typescript for the front end.

Full stack developer, back-end with Java and TypeScript for front-end
Freelance IT-projects with interaction types at Spilberg

The challenge

Rob couldn’t be happier with his project. ‘you're working hands-on with something that is going to make people happy. The part I liked best was working on the interaction types. Those are components for a specific type of exercise. For example, in one exercise, words are read out loud and the kids have to write them down. The system detects spelling mistakes and shows where the mistakes are. It doesn't just mark the mistake, but also classifies it.’

Rob also has a good feeling about working with Spilberg. ‘Spilberg has a big network, which made it easy for them to find this project for me. The perfect project for me is one where I can use my experience and knowledge. That way, I know the client is getting the best value. At the same time, I also want to keep learning new things in my field.’

​How we work

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