Java/Scala Development

Ein Java-Entwickler ist ein Softwareentwickler, der sich auf die Programmiersprache Java spezialisiert hat.
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Java/Scala Development

Choose a career in Java/Scala development

At Spilberg, we value highly specialised development skills. At the same time, we prefer working with IT professionals with a wide range of interests. This keeps you on top of your game as a developer, because it means you are flexible and eager to learn new skills.

We only staff developers who have a proven track record in Java and who are ready to help their new team and employer reach new goals.

  • Software Engineer

  • Back-end Developer

  • Full-stack Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Scala Developer

  • Kotlin Developer


At Spilberg, our consultants specialise in a single area of expertise and a single region, which means they know all about the IT job market. We offer development and testing job opportunities within our own organisation, as well as at other attractive organisations within our network. Building personal relationships is always a priority to us. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for Java/Scala professionals to join our network. We can also connect you with many job opportunities in other areas of specialisation. Click the links for more information.

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