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Spilberg specialises in IT interim, consulting, recruitment & selection

Why Spilberg?

We know the IT Development industry better than anyone. We know exactly what it takes to succeed in this field. When you work with us, you have access to our extensive network and we serve as your sidekick every step of the way. Together, we can shape the future of IT.

Spilberg is part of Vibe Group, one of the fastest-growing IT staffing firms in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Being part of Vibe Group gives us access to the largest network of IT professionals, spanning all different areas of expertise. Our Vibers are working together to achieve one goal: to create the future of IT staffing.

Choosing a job with Spilberg is your ticket to a successful career. We set you on the right path towards achieving your goals. Because of our precise focus on specific areas of expertise within the IT Development and Testing fields, we know exactly where your talent will have the biggest impact.

We’re happy to become your partner for the long term. At Spilberg, you’re always an important part of our organisation, whether you’re working in our home office or out on a job with a client. We are all about creating a good Vibe and doing everything we can to keep the Vibe alive. And, best of all, we keep you connected with other Vibers during our regular meetups and webinars where you can share your ideas and learn from each other.

Your ambition

Our ambition is to help you achieve your ambition. And no two ambitions are alike. Perhaps you’re ready to expand your knowledge base. Or to gain broader professional experience. Or you’re ready to focus on improving your soft skills. Do you see yourself working for a multinational or at a startup? We have years of experience in transforming ambitions into successful careers.

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​What we offer

If you’re the right match for Spilberg, we’re happy to welcome you into our growing organisation. Spilberg operates internationally and we are the market leader in our field. To help you play an active role within Spilberg, we will invite you to interactive meetings and webinars and work with you to create a development plan that matches your wishes.

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​Lifelong learning

Knowledge-sharing and lifelong learning are major priorities for us at Spilberg. That’s why we organise monthly meetups within our IT Development network, where you can meet colleagues in your field, exchange experiences and talk about the topics that matter to you. We also offer a fully customised training path for every IT professional who works with us.

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​Our culture

Our company culture is extremely important to us at Spilberg. Our organisation's values are quality, intelligence, drive, authenticity and fun. Whatever we do, we do it right— with passion, in our own way and with lots of fun.

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