Front-end/Web development

Backend-Entwickler entwickeln den Teil einer Anwendung, der für den Benutzer nicht direkt sichtbar ist.
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Front-end/Web development

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As a specialised front-end developer, your job is to design, programme and implement the front end of web applications. You're an expert on technical aspects, but also have an eye for user-friendliness and accessibility. We are constantly on the lookout for front-end and web development professionals.

With our vast network, we can connect you right away with projects and job opportunities throughout the Netherlands. The staffing consultants at Spilberg are here to help you shape your career. Here are a few types of jobs that we regularly offer:

  • Angular Developer

  • ReactJS Developer

  • VueJS Developer

  • HTML Developer

  • CSS Developer

  • NodeJS Developer

  • PHP Developer

  • Laravel Developer

  • Symfony Developer


At Spilberg, our consultants specialise in a single area of expertise and a single region, which means they know all about the IT job market. We offer development and testing job opportunities within our own organisation, as well as at other attractive organisations within our network. Building personal relationships is always a priority to us. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for development and testing to join our network. We can also connect you with many job opportunities in other areas of specialisation. Click the links for more information.

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